Eli Manning and the New York Giants are ready for a solid season of some hard-hitting football, and
the action starts off with a bang for the Giants in 2011. There are plenty of reasons to check out the
New York Giants schedule this season, and here are some of the most-anticipated Giants games for the 2011-12 regular season.

Week 3, Giants at Eagles:

The Giants go on a two-game road trek from Week 3 to Week 4, and their Week 3 matchup against the
reigning NFC East champs the Philadelphia Eagles will be a tough one to say the least. The Giants are
out to prove they can reclaim the NFC East crown this season, and it will be crucial for them to pull out
a win in this Week 3 game to start off atop the division. The Giants also host the Eagles in Week 11,
but it’s this Week 3 matchup that has football fans excited at the beginning of the season. We’ll know
a lot more about the Giants after this one, which is why it’s sure to be a prominent game to grab NFL tickets for.

Week 12, Giants at Saints:

The New Orleans Saints are always a threat – always. Last time the two teams met at the Superdome
the Giants walked away licking their wounds, but this Monday Night Football game will give the Giants a
shot at redemption. New Orleans is a very tough place to play, particularly for a huge game on national
television, but the Giants have the veteran-laden roster to make it difficult on the Saints.

Week 13, Packers at Giants:

The Giants have an extremely tough schedule this season, including a Week 13 matchup against the
reigning Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. Thankfully for the Giants, this Dec. 4 game will be in
New York, as it could be a cold one in Green Bay. Will the Giants stack up against the Packers?

Week 16, Giants at Jets:

The Giants and Jets are quarreling cousins as far as it goes in the East, and the rivalry between the two
teams has especially heated up this season thanks to the Jets’ new acquisition, wide receiver Plaxico
Burress. The Giants and Jets face off at both teams’ home stadium (although technically it will be
marked as a home game for the Jets) on Christmas Eve, making for one must-see holiday game in the
East. With playoff implications abound, the game will probably have a playoff-level intensity that will
leak out into the stands.

Week 17, Cowboys at Giants:

The New York Giants round out the regular season in Week 17 with a home game against the Dallas
Cowboys, which could help their postseason chances if it comes down to the wire. The Giants also face
divisional rivals the ‘Boys in Week 14, but it’s this Week 17 game that will bring throngs of New York fans
to the turf at MetLife Stadium, especially if the Giants’ postseason chances hinge upon the outcome of
this red-hot matchup.