The roller coaster of speculation of possible conference realignments and moves has officially begun. News early in the week was that Nebraska was set to join the Big 10. On Friday the Cornhuskers confirmed that move and officially accepted an invite from the Big 10, who will now be at 12 teams. Soon after the Cornhuskers announced their intentions, Colorado followed suit and joined the Pac 10 conference. And the last domino to fall last week was Boise State, of the Western Athletic Conference, was offered and accepted a spot in the Mountain West Conference. The Broncos, who are 47-4 in the WAC over the last four years seem like a natural fit in the MWC. The Broncos will strengthen a conference who’s been looking for an auto-bid to the BCS bowls for a few years. The Broncos also needed help from the MWC due to perceived weaker scheduling in the WAC. The Broncos have had trouble in the past getting national respect due to their weaker schedule, expects to see plenty of competition in the MWC, matching up with BYU, Utah, TCU, Air Force, and improving Wyoming and UNLV squads. The Broncos won’t have it easy in the MWC, which exactly what they’ve been looking for.. a shot at national respect.

The MWC may not be done expanding, however. Reports from today indicate that the MWC could be looking at taking in the Big 12 leftovers, if the Texas and Oklahoma schools leave for the Pac 10. The MWC would be looking at taking in Missouri, Kansas, and Kansas State. The addition of those schools would certainly boost the basketball SOS of the conference and make it an elite conference, as well as shoring up the football schedule as well. More is expected to be learned next week after the Texas Board of Regents meets to decide their next step.